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$10 - China Liquid Nitrogen Canister 50L Supplier TIANCHI

China Liquid Nitrogen Canister 50L Supplier TIANCHI

China TIANCHI Liquid Nitrogen Canister 50L has the advantages of long service life, small occupation area, compact structure, centralized control and convenient operation.

China Liquid Nitrogen Canister 50L Parameter
Static Storage(D):248
Net Weight(KG):20.4
Gross Weight(KG):30.0
Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.16
Packing Size:(CM):56*56*95

Certifications of Product:
All our products are passed through stringent quality control checks that are tested in our quality control department and passed the ISO9000 certification

Company: Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-18903712477
what's app:tianchiydg
Website: http://www.ln2container.com/
Address:Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Zheng Hua Road No. 10
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Posted: Jul 06, 2018 12:58 AM
Tags: #Liquid #Nitrogen #Canister #50L

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