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$200 - Join Illuminati World

How To Join The Great Society...
* You must be able to keep the secret to your self
* You must have strong belief of Success
* You must be over the age of 18 to make your own decision * You must have a sound
financial discipline
* you must acquire the coded miracle ring of the Illuminati for 200 dollars through
your agent
* You must believe that money is power
* You must be ready to visit the sea at midnight at any time of your choice
* You must be ready to read, respect and understand the Prayer of the Illuminati
* You must be able to make a Sacrifice to the Illuminati altar willingly
through email or telephonic-ally on +27621543394 Agent Kim
Or Visit our website via http://www.illuminatikim666.co.za
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Posted: Feb 11, 2018 09:18 AM
Tags: #Fame&power

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