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$12000 - IEEE Project Center in Chennai

AllTechZ Solutions Pvt Ltd (ATS) is a Real Time IEEE Project Center in Chennai. ATS offers IEEE projects for engineering students in all branches of ECE, CSE, IT, Medical Electronics and so on. In AllTechZ, IEEE projects are performed on latest technologies like Hadoop, Cloud computing, Android, Data mining, Oracle, Dot net, Matlab, etc. IEEE projects give hands for students who want to get a good job opportunity in industries. Real time live projects are available in ATS. Working on real time projects make the students enriched with adequate knowledge which makes them feel more confident to face the questions asked during interviews. AllTechZ refers the project ideas from various journals and papers with international IEEE reputation. ATS provides students with base papers, review materials, required software/hardware and presentations. Proper demo is given during project reviews in colleges.
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Posted: Jan 10, 2018 03:44 AM
Tags: #cloud #computing #matlab #hadoop

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