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$12000 - Diploma Project Center in Chennai

AllTechZ Solutions Pvt Ltd (ATS) is the leading provider of academic projects in Chennai. ATS offers projects in all branches of diploma and is also considered as one of the Best Diploma Project Center in Chennai. Based on IEEE standards, AllTechZ design the projects. ATS provides projects at a variety of levels from graduates to masters. In AllTechZ extraordinary projects are available for diploma/polytechnic students with low cost. Project training is also mandatory in ATS. Project training makes the students exposed to jobs in latest technologies needed in the leading competitive markets. ATS provides various range of project topics that helps them to learn well. AllTechZ has developed more projects in newly framed concepts and delivered on time to the students. ATS provides coding structure, project reports and presentations along with project submission.
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Posted: Jan 08, 2018 01:55 AM
Tags: #android #java #hadoop

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