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It is simple. It all begins with a simple commitment. A commit to the plan of enlightenment, an agreement to further the cause of mans God-given right to not live in darkness, to gain knowledge, to be free, and to live how one was made to live, enlightened.
As you can imagine, we pride ourselves in operate in the shadows as much as possible while enacting good will throughout the world. In becoming a member of the Order of the Illuminati you will receive a membership certificate.
This keepsake is one of the few moments when the Order extends itself beyond secrecy.
Our reasoning for providing you with a member certificate at the lowest level of our Order is purely that of a psychological trigger that signals the beginning of a fulfilling journey in our Order.
Contact us via on our website. https://www.illuminatikim666.co.za .
Call us +27 62 154 3394
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Posted: Dec 27, 2017 11:31 AM
Tags: #future

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