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$120 - Best PCB Training Center in Velachery

AllTechZ Solutions (ATS) is one of the Best PCB Training Center in Chennai. ATS provides Printed circuit board is the most common name but may also be called “printed wiring boards” or “printed wiring cards”. AllTechZ offering complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards. AllTechZ Course provides thorough introduction of PCB design Techniques in an Intuitive and practical way. ATS’s PCB Training allows signals and power to be routed between physical devices. ATS’s PCB projects are covered by technical facility allows our engineering team to get results & would probably help the students to get exposed to newer tools & technologies while projects are being developed. AllTechZ provides training with real-time working professional which will help students and trainees to get trained in practical real-time scenarios along with theory.
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Posted: Nov 05, 2017 01:18 AM
Tags: #PCBTraining #Robotics #MatLab

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