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$12000 - software Testing Training Institute in Velachery

AllTechZ Solutions is the Leading Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai. ATS offers high quality software methodologies, and we also determine the International software testing qualification board. ATS’s Software testing training materials are updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the latest technologies, techniques, and processes that are developed from practical experience and through our partnerships with several industries and academic organizations. AllTechZ software testing training programs have been developed by combining Test Engineering best-practices and years of hands-on real-world experience and research. ATS’s aim is to help raise testing industry standards, promote career development and provide IT and testing professionals and their employers with a competitive advantage. AllTechZ Solutions offers the career in good growth expectation and in demand throughout the globe and also provide increase your knowledge and must learn then upgrade your skills.
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Posted: Oct 11, 2017 01:58 AM
Tags: #SoftwareTesting #Selenium

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