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$10 - TIANCHI liquid nitrogen biological container YDS-6 China Manufacturer

TIANCHI liquid nitrogen biological container YDS-6 China Manufacturer

Company: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

YDS series small liquid nitrogen tanks are made of aviation aluminum. High vacuum multi-layer super insulation structure. There are handles on the upper part of the tank. The volume is small and the weight is light. It can be carried by one hand and it is convenient to carry; The outer belt is equipped with a strap. The protective cover, the user can carry long distances, collect specimens and other very convenient.

Brands : TIANCHI
Model : YDS-6-50
Capacity : 6.7 (L)
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Mouth Diameter : 50 (mm)
Outer Diameter : 284 (mm)
Height : 504 (mm)
Empty Weight : 4.5 (kg)
Normal Holding Time : 65 (d)
Number of Canisters : 3~6
Depth of Canister : 110 (mm)
Diameter of Canister : 36 (mm)

E-mail: tianchi-demi@ln2container.com
Website: http://cntianchiyiqi.en.alibaba.com/
Facebook: 18903712477
what's app: tianchiydg
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Posted: Apr 27, 2018 08:05 PM
Tags: #liquid #nitrogen #biological #container #6L

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