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$$40 - 10 Inch - 34 Inch Brazilian Virgin Hair

For 3-4 pieces can be for a full head, you would need take 3-4 packs once. And you can choose packs with different sizes, Like 10inch pack, 12inch pack, 14inch pack, 16inch pack, 18inch pack, 20inch pack, 22inch pack, 24inch, pack, 26inch pack, 28inch pack, 30inch pack, 32inch pack, 34inch pack. But all the lengths refer to the straightening length.
All the hair will be full of vitality of natural hair all their using lifetime. They can be cleaned, blow-dried, styled and dyed.
They are sure to be the great hair weft for your choice.
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Posted: Sep 28, 2017 12:17 AM
Tags: #brazilian #hair

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