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$5000 - Copeland Scroll Type Air-Cooled Condensing Unit

?A type unit(Side exhaust):
Standard:?Compressor ?Condenser ?Reservoir ?filter ?Magnetic valve ?Pressure controller ?high-low pressure gauge ?Air control valve
Optional:Sight glass

Main tech parameters (Copeland Compressor):
Remark: Below parameters are based on Refrigerant R22, please contact us for more details if any other kinds of refrigerants used.

Get more information to click http://www.chinacoldroom.com/product/condensing-units/copeland-scroll-type-air-cooled-condensing-unit.html and contact annamai@chinacoldroom.com .

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Posted: Aug 16, 2017 07:43 PM
Tags: #Air-Cooled #Condensing #Unit

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