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$00 - Tandoor Dealer Manufacturer in Delhi

If you looking for best Tandoor dealer in Delhi,india. We are offering all kind of tandoors based manufacturer,exporter and suppliers company various sizes ,tandoors exporters in Delhi, India. We are the best Tandoor Dealer Manufacturer in Delhi.

Website :


Contact Person-

Shree. Hansraj :- + 91-99993- 61084

Mr.Mukesh :- 96545-14812

Mr. Rohit :- 99992-76498

Contact No. :

011 -69999745

Email :

hansrajsons@yahoo.com, rohitparjapati54@yahoo.commukeshtandooro3@gmail.com

Factory Add-

Block -EE, Swami Shardhanand Colony, Tadoor Wali Gali Near- Murgi Farm House, Bhalaswa Dairy Delhi -110042
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Posted: Apr 17, 2018 04:33 AM
Tags: #Tandoor #Dealer #Manufacturer #in #Delhi

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