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$0 - Fulll Automatic Quinoa Washing and Drying Line

Quinoa washing and drying machine:

1. contain Pneumatic hoist , seeds cleaning system , and drying system
2. the output seeds very clean.
3. the machine applies to: sesame seeds, quinoa seeds, oats and wheat,etc.

This washing wheat under the machine with high strength cast iron materials,watertight doors,sieving slice,ground dragon tank is stainless steel materials.

If you are interested in the quinoa washing machine, welcome you contact me.
Contact Serena:
Skype: serenayan666
Email: serena@machinehall.com
Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212
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Posted: Jan 23, 2019 01:09 AM
Tags: #quinoa #washing #drying #machine #line #automatic #china

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