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$10 - TIANCHI Veterinarians Ultrasonic Sound Portable TC-210 Price In Israel

EMC statement:
It shan't affect the basic performance of radio service and other equipment,it can work well in the expected and declared electromagnetic environments.
1)Warning:Images may be interfered and the diagnoses may be affected while working in intense electromagnetic environment.By this time stop operating to avoid misdiagnosis.Reuse it after the electromagnetic interference is removed.
2)Warning:Working when the device is overlapped with other devices or close to others might cause unexpected EMC problems;If they have to be put together,please check each one to ensure no one is affected by unexpected EM coupling.
3)Warning:Replacement of parts that not according with specs or connection to other devices might cause unexpected EMC problems.The possibility of unexpected EM coupling effect should be testified carefully.
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Posted: Nov 07, 2018 12:36 AM
Tags: #VeterinariansUltrasonicSound #Veterinarians #UltrasonicSound

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